A Speck of a Place

I found it! I FOUND IT!!

Bob & Ray, Super Geniuses

Gonna be a short one on account of it’s raining, but here’s the gist:

  • I think Raleigh might be on our short list for retirement locations. Honestly.
  • The Carolinas are very different from one another. North looks very much like the sleepy coastal towns of New England, what with its colonial era town, quiet rolling tree-lined villages, soft pine needles and antique shops; whereas the South highway (wider) lanes are lined personal injury attorney billboards and road trash.
  • Downtown Columbia, SC, sports a lovely State House.
  • I wanted to see the Laurel & Hardy Museum in Harlem, Georgia, but could NOT manage to get there in time, like much of this trip, museum-wise: wrong day, wrong season, wrong hour.
  • In Augusta, Georgia, tonight, looking forward to bacon in the morning.